Mama’s Magic Mix is all about mom
empowerment; now don’t get me wrong, dudes are cool too.  After all, I am married to one and raising two little dudes along with a dude-ette.  But this company was created to celebrate the awesome-ness of ladies (can I get woot-woot?!), and all that is “I am woman hear-me-roar!” 


This is a family deal, and while we take our products seriously (they have to taste
AH-MA-ZING!), we don’t take ourselves
or life too seriously. 


So live, laugh and snack on… 



Ladies we know you do it all – whether it’s bringing home the bacon or frying it up in the pan (probably both). And let’s face it, you don’t always feel the love you deserve.


Whether it’s the hubby/boyfriend, kids, boss or even that time of month getting you down we are here for you.  Because that’s what we are about: Sista-hood! 


We’ve got your back because we know you have theirs.  So leave the guilt at the door and treat yourself because, honey, we know you are worth it!